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  • Bora

    Bora Celik

    Co-founder. Engineer/concert promoter. Organized a ton of shows via BoraMusic.

  • Thomas

    Thomas Dunkley

    Head of business development. Legendary NYC promoter. Founder of GBH.tv. Englishman.

  • Khrystyna

    Khrystyna Ivanchyshyna

    Partner relations. Distributor of happiness by way of free concert tickets to music lovers. Proud Ukrainian. Cat friendly.

  • Kristyn

    Kristyn Ginski

    Curator of great concerts. Former sound engineer at Infinite Studios. Makes a mean cappuccino.

  • Allison

    Allison Baughman

    Head of content. Blogger, writer, contributor at Verily Magazine, full time thinker. #DFA1979

  • Chris

    Chris Muccioli

    Art director and designer. Formerly at Kickstarter. Working on Singles Club.

  • Sam

    Samuel Cole

    I make things. Mostly JavaScript. Mostly for Jukely.

  • Mark

    Mark Tran

    Senior software engineer. Formerly at OpenTable. Orders 1 lb ribs for lunch.

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie Almache

    Partner relations. Formerly at Glasslands and MeanRed. Full time Whovian.

  • Karolina

    Karolina Mozdzynski

    Partner relations. Music and concert enthusiast. Cat lover. Still a true Mainer at heart.

  • Jenny

    Jenny Mott

    Partner relations. Marketer, blogger, environmentalist. Lover of bass.

  • Elizabethgoodman

    Elizabeth Goodman

    Partner relations. Former consultant. MavHERick. Loves humans, travel, and my guitar, Edgar.

  • Dankatz

    Dan Katz

    Lead iOS engineer. Formerly at Amazon, R/GA. Brisket enthusiast with diverse music tastes.

  • Roninwood

    Ronin Wood

    Designer. Praise Yeezus. Co-creator of hip hop video series Time Spent.

  • Nikkilee

    Nikki Lee

    Designer / developer. Formerly at Beatport. Lover of dogs and yoga.

  • Adrian

    Adrian Cretu-Barbul

    Senior Software Engineer. Technologist, traveler and snowboarder. Proud coffee snob.

  • Nik

    Nick Kovurov

    Creator of codes, watcher of films, player of basketball.

  • Jordanobi

    Jordan Obi

    Product designer, plant dad, poetry fiend. Always gets front row, somehow.

  • Elyse

    Elyse Young

    Partner Relations. Former Ballerina. Industry Focus Contributor at Magnetic Mag. Electronic music and guacamole aficionado.

  • Hayata

    Hayata Ishikawa

    Partner Relations. Part time DJ, Part time Promoter, Full time concert buddy. Always All Access. ✌️

  • Cfrance

    Chris France

    Provider of locally sourced artisanal technology.