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American Authors meet & greet

Fri, 9/27 at MLB Fan Cave


Meet & greet with the band. 21+

  • Doors/Show: 5.30pm. 21+.
  • In 2006 a group of guys met each other while at Berklee College of Music. These four became friends started to play music under the name The Blue Pages. Then in 2012 they decided to go with a new name for the band, American Authors and since then the band has been putting their songs out there for the world to hear. Even though they have just put out a debut EP with the same name, American Authors, their music has already been featured in commercials and even in a trailer for a movie. These four guys have been able to have their music heard even with no official album being released and now with a debut EP, American Authors now have 5 songs that could do even more.
  • It's no wonder though why the songs are already making it into the pop culture of the world in the media. Right from the first seconds of the opening song, Believer, I was already liking the songs. My first impression and the first description of the band was that they where a happy bouncy song. They really are a upbeat, entertaining, fun set of songs to listen to. It's few bands that can make their songs be almost instantly liked within the first few seconds of playing and then continue on with that same sound through all their songs. Even though there are only 5 songs on this EP the talent that this band has is more then what some bands have that have produced multiple albums.
  • Review by Lee Roberts / Shake Fire.
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